Our Newest Customer Service Center Begins Taking Calls

At Blackhawk Network, we’re always looking for new ways to better serve everyone who provides or purchases our products. In addition to our call center in Reno, Nevada, we’re excited to announce that a whole new portion of our customer service is now being handled in-house. By bringing these employees and services under Blackhawk’s direction and oversight, we’ll have greater transparency and be able to move quickly to address emerging needs such as hiring, resolving customer concerns and ultimately providing the best service possible.

The new Blackhawk Support Services will provide support for our family of consumer and business solutions, including:

  • International Business Partners (Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Europe)
  • Blackhawk U.S and UK Visa Gift consumers
  • Blackhawk U.S. Visa Reloadable (GPR) and Canada MasterCard consumers
  • Spanish-speaking consumers

We located the support services center in El Salvador because of the country’s strong multi-lingual population. Each agent working here is fluent in three languages – English, French and Spanish. The call center market here is unsaturated and the workforce is highly capable and familiar with customer service support – which will help ensure high-quality interactions with our customers.

So far, we’ve put 90 employees to work and plan to hire 200 more people by the end of June. We’re off to a strong start with the launch of Blackhawk Support Services and we know our customers will appreciate the difference!

Check out our photos from our inaugural call:

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