Research: Branded Value Can Be a Path-to-Purchase Motivator

Blackhawk Network recently released its latest research, “Branded Value: Rewarding Experiences Driving Consumer Engagement and Spending.” More than 1,000 Americans were surveyed in October 2016 about how branded value motivates shoppers to spend and engage with brands, thereby measuring the value of brands in today’s economy.

The research shows that consumers are using different forms of branded value at high rates, and that value rewards can motivate consumers to convert at ecommerce checkout. Though shoppers are still most motivated by free shipping, the shoppers surveyed reported that the following would also motivate them to complete an online purchase:

  • A gift card to the store (54 percent)
  • Loyalty points (30 percent)
  • Rebates (28 percent)
  • Mobile payment option (11 percent)

Branded value can also motivate shoppers to go in store to purchase something that they were planning to buy online. Though the greatest motivator is a sale, the shoppers surveyed would also be motivated by a branded value offer (48 percent), a gift card (47 percent), or a rebate paid out on a prepaid card (31 percent).

To view the ebook detailing the full findings, click here.



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