5 Veterinarian Insights Into Incentives and Rebates

How do vets and their staff feel about animal health incentive and rebate programs? We thought we’d ask them and find out.

Ebook: Why Veterinarians Love Pet Pharma Incentives and Rebates

Going straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, our new ebook is the result of a number of in-person and phone interviews with teams of vets and technical staff members from different parts of the country. 

Among the findings in this ebook:

  • Vets and their techs are much more interested in the educational materials suppliers can provide than in advertising materials
  • Rebates have a more important role in day-to-day clinic life than you might initially think
  • Rebates that are too difficult to submit are of no use to vet clinics

Download this ebook to find out more, including specific recommendations and a wish list of things vets and their techs would like to see from their pet pharma manufacturers.

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