Sep 28, 2020

Become a More Successful Realtor With Reward Cards

As a real estate agent, your success can depend on the strength of your network. Sure, you sell property, but your business is actually all about the relationships you rely on to keep deals moving forward. You regularly interact with buyers, sellers, loan officers, mortgage brokers, inspectors, title companies and others. That’s why a great “thank you” can make working with you more memorable—and bring in more valuable realtor referrals.

Here are six great ways to build your business and sell more houses by using reward cards.

Give buyers a housewarming present

Buying a new house is an exciting time, and most people look forward to decorating and gardening. That’s why a merchant gift card for The Home Depot is a great idea for new homeowners.

Give sellers a meal out

Having prospective buyers coming to your house can be disruptive and stressful, especially if it’s after a long day at work. Give your sellers a break with a Happy Dining Gift Card that they can use at six popular restaurants.

Give loan officers and mortgage brokers freedom to splurge

It’s hard to choose a “thank you” that everyone appreciates. That’s why we created the MAX Mastercard® Prepaid Card. It can be used at over 150 retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues in the US, so everybody can spend it on something they want.

Give inspectors a reason to relax

Up in attics, down in basements—inspectors have a tough job. That’s why a Spafinder gift card is the perfect choice. Good for a massage or yoga or a sauna, this card is a treat for anyone who could use a little relaxation.

Give title agents a real-time “thanks”

Getting everything organized for a timely closing is the key to happy sellers and buyers. That’s why sending an eGift card immediately after a deal is sealed is the perfect way to thank your title agent.

Give everyone a seasonal reward

It’s traditional to send greeting cards out during the year-end holiday season. Add a special treat by including a Mastercard or Visa® Reward Card that can be used everywhere the network’s debit cards are accepted. Choose from our predesigned greeting and reward cards, or design your own. Either way, they’re a popular choice for anyone on your “thank you” list.

With Blackhawk Network On Demand, you have all the choices you need to grow your real estate business with the reward cards that can delight all the people in your network.