Business Platform Improvements for 2020

The Business Platform from Blackhawk Network is the most advanced, most secure application of its kind in the gift card industry. Still, we work hard to make it better every year. Hopefully, you read about last year’s updates in last year’s blog, Three Ways Our Business Platform is Better Than Ever.

We have developed a number of improvements for 2020—with more to come—that will help our merchant partners work even better and more efficiently, including the following.

Time-Saving Templates

Incentive Rewards

To give merchants complete flexibility in the management of their client buyers, we built the Business Platform with a host of precision controls and adjustments. However, we’ve learned that more of your client buyers look alike than different. So not only is our current level of control not always necessary, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

To that end, we have now released a series of client buyer templates that enable you to simply apply any templated configuration to any client. Our new templates even allow for bulk updates to be rolled out quickly across all template users, reducing the time required for client intake and management.

What does all this mean? A client buyer with common purchasing options can now be set up with a template in just a few clicks. 

Client Clarity

Incentive Rewards

To help you provide better service, Blackhawk Network is now giving merchants more visibility and insight into each visiting client buyer. This improves your ability to triage any issues and manage all kinds of access questions.

Plus, looking to the future, this visibility will soon serve as a launchpad for merchant management of client buyers.

Customized Content 

In addition to making the client buyer management process easier and more efficient, we also want to help our merchant partners provide a more branded, customized experience. That’s why you now have the ability to customize all the text in the new card buy flow.

Now, the buyer experience can be written in your brand voice, step after step, creating a platform experience that’s all your own.

Improvement, Continued 

Among other things, these updates will make it easier for you to launch your B2B program on our Business Platform and bring your existing client buyer base with you. But we’re not done, yet. At Blackhawk Network, we’re continually innovating and updating to best serve our merchants’ needs, so stay tuned for more platform improvements down the road.

If you’re already working with Blackhawk Network and have questions about any of these new features, please reach out to your Account Manager. If not, and you’d like to learn more about our Business Platform, please call 833.302.5745.