Case Study—Beauty Brands Saw 100% YOY Growth in Online Gift Card Sales

When you sell your own brand gift cards—online and in thousands of retailers worldwide—you expose your brand to an endless number of new customers. However, in early 2020, some of our beauty brand clients saw their physical retail sales dry up as department stores closed and quarantine kept shoppers home. To connect directly with customers, they focused on selling gift cards online and saw their online gift card sales grow by 100% year-over-year.

Blackhawk Network has the experience, the expertise and the platform to bring your gift cards to life—and to a whole new audience—whether you currently have a gift card program or not. This case study will show you how Blackhawk Network’s support helped these beauty brands thrive through very difficult financial times.

Read our case study today. Blackhawk Network can help you grow your brand, adapt to challenging circumstances and build new revenue.

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