Jul 23, 2021

eBook: Essential Lessons for Your Omnichannel Gift Card Program

The 2020 NAPCO Merchant Gift Card Omnichannel Evaluation has been out for a few weeks. Have you read it, yet?

If not, we've put together a special eBook with seven key takeaways that you can take away just by filling out the short form on this page. One or more of these insights from the NAPCO report just might help you transform your gift card program:

1. Have a testing program in place.

2. Put together a team.

3. Optimize for self-use purchasing.

4. Don't be resistant to change.

5. Make it easy for shoppers to find your gift cards.

6. Cross-promote your gift card program across all channels.

7. Optimize for the recipient experience.

Fill out the form now. Or, if you’d rather just talk to a gift card program expert, call Blackhawk Network at 866.219.7533.