Jun 11, 2021

eBook-Gift Cards 101: Fundamentals for Success

Gift cards are big business. How big?

The global gift card market is expected
to reach $1.6 trillion (yes, trillion) by 2027.*

Whether your business is big or small, online or on the street, you need a gift card program.

So, how do you learn about gift cards? You take a course.

Gift Cards 101: Fundamentals for Success is an ebook from Blackhawk Network (BHN) designed for anyone looking to start or grow a gift card program. Inside, you’ll learn:


· The power of gift cards

· How much people love gift cards

· How gift cards drive revenue

· Why eCommerce is so important

· Where promotions fit in


And much more.  To download your ebook, just fill out the short form on this page.

Can’t wait for the ebook to start growing your gift card program? Just click here or call 866.219.7533 to talk to BHN.

* Gift Cards – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics, Global Industry Analysts, Inc., 2022

gift cards for success - guide