Fast and Fun Promotion Ideas for a Slow Spring



As we continue on our journey through your promotional calendar, we bump into the traditionally slow months of March and April. If the next big-time promotional window isn’t until Mother’s Day, what are you supposed to do between now and then?

Fortunately for you, the folks at Blackhawk Network have a lot of ideas. Overall, these ideas are about finding opportunities (excuses, really) to promote your brand or products. Not only will this get you a bump in sales, but your customers will appreciate the timely holiday or event reminders.


The Not-Quite-Mother’s-Day Opportunities

Not everything has to be Mother’s Day to have a positive impact on your numbers. There are a handful of great opportunities in March and April, but they need to match up with your brand, products or services. And if you’re not sure what kind of promotion to run during these occasions, check out this blog for some suggestions.

  • March 17—St. Patrick’s Day

    If you sell party goods, beer (green or not) or anything with a shamrock on it, you should run a St. Patrick’s Day promotion.

  • April 1—April Fool’s Day

    You probably don’t want to play tricks on your customers—unless you run a chain of magic stores. But if your brand has a sense of humor, April Fool’s Day could work.

  • April 4—Easter

    Perhaps the standout opportunity of spring, consumers spend a lot of money before and on Easter. If your business is about candy, chocolate, bunnies, eggs or brunch, early April can be big.

  • April 22—Earth Day

    If you’re a green company, Earth Day is your time to earn a lot of green. After all, the end benefit of your business will be popping up on everybody’s smartphone. So your promotion should be, too.



The Sillier (But Still Effective) Opportunities

We don’t know who decides on these unique national holidays, but we’re glad they exist. They provide niche promotional opportunities for certain brands and products. And they’re just fun. Here are just a few of our favorite unique holidays.

  • March 1—Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

    If you’re a peanut butter brand, this is already on your promotional calendar—highlighted and circled in red. If you’re a grocery brand or sandwich shop, you should consider it.

  • March 6—National Frozen Food Day

    For grocers and frozen food brands, this holiday could warm up sales in a hurry.

  • March 10—International Day of Awesomeness

    Yes, this is real. And it might be the perfect time to launch or promote your awesome new product or service.

  • March 23—National Puppy Day

    This is a win-win because puppies are so cute. But if you’re in the pet supplies or pet food business, it’s also a must-do.

  • April 7—National Beer Day

    What St. Patrick’s Day did for March, National Beer Day can do for April. Here’s to more sales!

  • April 12—Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

    If you have a restaurant of any kind, this might be a good time to create or promote a grilled cheese sandwich worthy of Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day.

  • April 12—April 17—International Haiku Poetry Day


The cool spring air brings

Many opportunities

To promote and grow


(This isn’t really a great promotional day; we just wanted to write a Haiku.)


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