Gift Card Merchandising: Maximizing Your 2019

With 80% of shoppers planning to purchase at least one gift card in the holiday season, in-store gift cards offer a convenient gifting option for consumers. However, when gift cards are out-of-stock, in the wrong location, or otherwise unavailable, the purchase experience becomes a bad one for customers and can negatively affect sales. Having the right product on the right peg at the right time is critical to the performance of any gift card program—first-party and third-party—especially during gifting holidays. Merchants that recognize the opportunity to bring continuity to their in-store merchandising efforts are well-positioned for program success.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why In-Store Merchandising Matters
  • Best Practices
  • Merchandising Success Stories
  • Holiday Readiness Considerations



Beth Dembia: Head of Client Success, CashStar

Steve Silverstein: Head of Velocity Merchandising, CashStar

Darren Bass: Director, Velocity Merchandising, CashStar


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