How Digital Ascendant Brands Can Cash in on Gift Cards

Subscription services. Meal delivery. Streaming content. And so much more. American consumers have embraced the convenience and flexibility of digital ascendant brands—and not just due to temporarily being stuck at home. We love the power of having almost anything our hearts’ desire just a few clicks away.

That’s why up-and-coming brands need to embrace gift cards and eGift cards just like more traditional brands have. It’s a great way for people to gift your services or even purchase them for self-use. Request this eBook so you can explore key topics such as:

  • How digital gift cards can deepen loyalty and keep customers engaged with your brand
  • Why reducing eCommerce gift card fraud is more important than ever
  • The future of eCommerce

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Digital Ascendant

Is Your Digital Brand Selling Gift Cards? Here’s Why You Should Be.

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