How Healthcare Plans Can Break Through the Clutter in Two Steps

Most healthcare plans offering Medicare, Medicaid or commercial programs struggle with the same issue: how to break through the clutter and motivate members to complete more healthy actions, whether preventative or chronic care.  

Fortunately for you (and your members), Blackhawk Network offers a valuable bundled solution—a two-step product—that will capture the attention and imagination of any target audience and drive your members to take action.  


Step One: Personalized Greeting Cards

To make sure your message gets through, you need to get your members’ attention. This is where the right vehicle can make all the difference. At Blackhawk Network, our vehicle—the right vehicle—is personalized greeting cards.  

We offer a full assortment of high-end greeting cards, both in pre-designed templates and custom designs. Our colorful cards compel members to open and read, incorporating simple messaging that’s easy for members of all ages to understand. We keep instructions for healthy actions simple, too.

To further meet the needs of any audience or healthcare plan program goals, our greeting cards are available in both physical and digital formats. 

Want to personalize your cards? Blackhawk Network greeting cards can be personalized to improve effectiveness and help you break through the clutter. Plus, your cards will be in your brand voice and will describe the desired healthy action in the way you know best. All you have to do is:

  • Choose the card design/template that will work best for your audience
  • Choose the message and artwork that fits your healthy action


Step Two: Customizable Rewards

Now that you have your members’ attention, you need to motivate them to complete your healthy actions using rewards that are just as customizable as our greeting cards. In fact, the right reward can increase participation in almost any wellness program up to 400%.1

But all rewards are not the same. You will get better member participation if you use the rewards people like best—our Mastercard® and Visa® prepaid reward cards. How much do people like these cards? 97% of those surveyed said they prefer receiving prepaid cards over other rewards.2 Maybe that’s because everyone understands how easy they are to use and how easy they are to redeem—they’re good anywhere Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted.

For healthcare plans, the benefits don’t stop there. These cards can be customized in ways that both you and your members will appreciate.

  • Choose from one of our predesigned card backgrounds or design your own
  • Co-brand your reward cards with your brand name and logo
  • Personalize the each member's name
  • Members will think of you every time they use their rewards

Plus, if you prefer, reward cards from Blackhawk Network are able to be filtered so they can only be used at certain merchants. Want to reward your members with healthy foods? We can do that. Want to reward them with sportswear? We can do that. Want to give them transportation services to help them get to appointments? We can do that, too. 

Customizable rewards might just be the motivation your members need.


The Results

Need a proven engagement and incentive solution that cuts through the clutter and encourages healthy actions? Blackhawk Network helps healthcare plans implement a successful program that's easy to design, deploy, manage and track—because we will do all the work.  

Speaking of results, an increase in member engagement usually leads to other benefits—like an increase in CMS Star Ratings and HEDIS scores.


Start Now

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1. Review of Workplace Wellness, RAND Corp. report, 2012
2. Hawk Incentives Rewards Preference Survey, Leger, 2017

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