How to Win Holiday 2021 Despite Looming Out of Stocks

Just when you thought things were looking up, retailers are facing another potentially challenging holiday season.

According to recent Blackhawk Network research:

76% of consumers are looking forward to
shopping for holiday gifts post-COVID-19.*

However, that positive outlook may be hampered by new problems:

• Shipping delays
• Out of stocks

Our new video, How to Win Holiday 2021 Despite Looming Out of Stocks, is full of valuable information designed to help you have a successful holiday season, including industry insights, eCommerce best practices and in-store best practices.

Watch the video below.

And when you’re ready to win this holiday season, or if you have any questions about Blackhawk Network, call 866.219.7533.

* 2021 Holiday Branded Pay Study, Blackhawk Network, 2021

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