How you can help your constituents deal with high gas prices

If you work for a Government agency, times are busier than ever - and not slowing down anytime soon. The recent surge in fuel costs is having effects on people across the country as they struggle to pay premiums at the pump. We know you want to help. We’ve developed a blog to help you understand how we can help you help your constituents.

No matter where you go in the US or who you ask, the topic of high gas prices is certain to come up. People are worried about it-and no wonder. As of May 2022, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is a whopping $5. A year before, it was only $2.93. Gasoline is a the lifeblood of the American economy and a central part of most Americans’ lives. Suddenly, they’re thinking about going to visit their grandchildren less often and opting for more telecommuting, if they can, to save money at the pump.

The people with the thinnest budgets are getting hit the hardest, prompting calls for some government intervention at all levels. While help from the national level may be slow to get organized, leaders at the state and local levels are starting to step in and help their communities. While there are a number of proposals out there, the quickest and most effective may be a new round of stimulus.

Just like we saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, direct cash stimulus is often the easiest help to administer and the most flexible, as it gives every recipient the power to spend it themselves. That’s the guiding principle behind Governor Newsom’s relief bill proposal for Californian drivers. It’s fast, it’s direct, and it gets money exactly where it needs to be.

One potential pitfall behind this kind of direct stimulus is simply the logistics of handing out cash. The proposed Californian stimulus adds up to $11 billion, handed out at $400 per car. That many hundred-dollar bills would fill more than 100 shipping pallets and weigh a quarter of a million pounds. That’s beyond impractical.

Short of getting the direct deposit information of every individual constituent and resident who needs help, we think the best way to hand out money like this is on a prepaid card. They’re lightweight, flexible, and they remove the security and logistical burden of recklessly carrying around huge piles of cash. We’ve done this kind of thing before: we’ve helped governments take care of people after hurricanes and wildfires, high rent costs, and during the COVID-19 pandemic. We even helped California email out $100 million of digital incentive cards last year.

Our prepaid cards for aid relief can also be filtered and restricted, so they can only be spent at gas pumps. This makes sure that every penny of your stimulus budget goes exactly where it’s meant to be: helping your citizens deal with high gas prices and get on with business. Ready to get started? Let us know how we can help.

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