Apr 21, 2023

Infographic: 5 Reasons to Weave Gift Cards Into Your Apparel Business

reasons to weave gift cards into your apparel business

Would you like your fashion or apparel business to be more successful? Add gift cards to your product mix. Below are five reasons gift cards are so attractive.

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1. Gift cards are everyone’s favorite

• For 16 years in a row, gift cards have been the #1 most requested holiday gift.1

2. They bring in additional revenue

additional revenue using gift cards for apparel business

• A robust gift card program can increase your annual revenue by 3% or more.2

• And when they use their gift cards, recipients typically spend more than the card’s value.3

3. They bring in additional shoppers

4. They’re perfect for promotions

5. They’re easy to implement

• Thanks to the industry-leading Blackhawk Network (BHN®) Digital Gifting platform.


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