Mar 03, 2023

Infographic: Does a Trillion-Dollar Gift Card Market Get Your Attention?

1.6 trillion dollar gift card business

Whether you want to grow your current gift card program or you’re ready to start from scratch, this updated infographic for 2023 should prove you’re in the right place.

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Here are some key insights about the growth of the gift cards business

• By 2027, the $800 billion global gift card market is expected to grow to $1.6 trillion

• Our partners' growth outpaces the industry - BHN’s growth rate is 45% higher than industry average.

• If a gift card promotion is offered, 87% of shoppers are more likely to buy.

• Research shows shoppers will spend up to five times more than the value of their gift card.

• Of those shoppers that buy gift cards in-store, 73% choose a retailer with a variety of brands.

• For the 16th year in a row, gift cards are the #1 most requested gift.

• In fact, for all kinds of reasons, 58% buy gift cards for self-use.

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