Inside the New 2019 Total Retail/NAPCO eCommerce Report

The third annual eCommerce Report from NAPCO Research has arrived, and it’s a big one.

The 2019 assessment of merchant gift card programs has expanded to look at 150 major retailers across 17 industry verticals. NAPCO’s expert analysts added new criteria to take an even closer look at how retailers use (and don’t use) gift card programs to their full potential.

Thanks to this year’s expanded evaluation, we have a better idea of exactly where retailers have room for improvement. Though discoverability scores rose over previous years, post-purchase support and engagement scores showed that companies are missing out on the chance to build long-term relationships with shoppers.

The assessment took a deeper look at using gift cards in promotions, gathering data in August, November and on Black Friday. In each timeframe, NAPCO Research looked at retailers’ websites, social media, email communications, in-app notifications and Google search results. The extra detail showed a lot of room for improvement across almost all of the companies surveyed. In fact, the promotions category saw the biggest overall decrease in average scores from year to year. The extra-close examination of gift cards in promotions helped illuminate these opportunities for growth.

For the third year in a row, Amazon scored the highest of any retailer in the study. Even the internet shopping giant has places it can improve, however. It scored a flat 0% on important gift card use categories like promotions and customer service. As a result, Williams-Sonoma and Cinemark were close behind the first-place finisher. Across all ten scoring criteria, the report shows that all merchants have areas of opportunity within their gift card programs.

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