Oct 21, 2020

It’s the Most Digital Time of the Year: Employee holiday rewards 2020

As this stuck-at-home year comes to a close, it’s more important than ever to connect with your employees, customers and key vendors. Odds are good that you haven’t had in-person meetings—and if you have, you’ve been socially distanced—with a lot of people you really appreciate. That’s why virtual and digital reward cards are a great way to express your heartfelt “thank you,” even from afar.

Here are four practical reasons to choose digital reward cards this holiday season:

  1. Rewards can be delivered directly to recipients or, if you prefer, to you as a list of unique links for distribution
  2. A short, personalized message can be included in the delivery email to add more meaning to your rewards
  3. Fast delivery options extend your ordering deadline into late December, long after plastic reward card deadlines have passed
  4. No plastic card production and postage costs


Celebrate! Cheers! Spend! Splurge!

When you send virtual or digital holiday reward cards, you hope you’re sending money to use on something special, right? Ideally, you’re delivering an opportunity for recipients to treat themselves at your expense—and that’s what makes these options so fun to receive and memorable to use.


Mastercard® and Visa® Prepaid Virtual Accounts

Easy for your recipients to use online—and even by phone—and widely accepted,* these virtual rewards are perennially popular for their spending flexibility. This option is:

  • *Accepted online and by phone everywhere the network’s debit cards are accepted
  • Easy to customize with your company logo on the virtual card and delivery email
  • Valid for three to 12 months, depending upon the expiration date you choose


Merchant eGift Cards

People know them and people love them—yup, single-merchant gift and eGift cards have been gaining popularity for years. In fact, this is the thirteenth year that gift cards have topped people’s holiday wish lists.1 So, when looking for corporate gifts, you can’t go wrong with eGift cards. Their benefits include:

  • Most gift cards can easily be used online or in-store
  • Funds never expire (but the eGift card itself can)

’Tis the Season to Go Digital

Thanks to COVID, holiday parties and physical gifts distributed at your office aren’t options this year. So what is a corporate holiday shopper supposed to do? Start new traditions that celebrate each individual’s value to you and your company. Send digital holiday reward cards straight into email inboxes, where they’ll be easy to access and use.

Order now for timely delivery, and you’ll take comfort in their joy.