Keeping Members Healthy at Home

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How do healthcare plans encourage members to stay healthy in today’s environment? By using the telehealth options available to them. Today more than ever it’s important for members to continue preventative care, but many are not aware their healthcare plan offers telehealth services nor how to use them. This is where the right incentives program coupled with the right engagement tools can help.

Engage digitally

Make it personal. Make it relevant. A well-crafted greeting card is the perfect tool to communicate with your members about any telehealth services currently available to them. While greeting cards can be sent either through the mail or digitally, try sending out digitally first. Digital delivery not only increases cost efficiencies by reducing printing and postal expenses, you have the additional benefits of speed and the ability to easily track those who open and those who need an additional follow-up. You can always send a second greeting card through the mail to those who did not take action, doubling your efforts to optimize engagement while managing bottom-line expenses.

Now that you have engaged your membership base digitally, let’s incentivize them digitally. The virtual Mastercard® or Visa® prepaid rewards have strongest appeal. They are easy for recipients to understand and they are spendable anywhere Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted. For those who want to spend in-store versus online, the virtual Mastercard prepaid reward can easily be provisioned to one of the top three digital wallets—Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay—giving your members the freedom to choose where and how they redeem their reward.

97% people prefer prepaid cards

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Encourage healthy actions with healthy living rewards

Customizing the reward experience helps you encourage healthy actions. By designing the redemption options to match healthy lifestyle options, you can motivate and inspire new behaviors. If you want to direct members to physical activities like sports, gyms or even athletic wear or healthy nutrition and away from donuts and alcohol—we can do that. If you want to help drive preventative care by removing transportation barriers—we can help. Blackhawk Network’s patented DirectSpend® technology allows you to customize the reward experience tailored by you. Thinking about offering even more choices? Try sending your members an eCode that links to a unique catalog of customized prepaid and gift cards designed by you. Blackhawk Network has thousands of the most popular merchant branded gift cards and exclusive prepaid features to choose from, so you can tailor any incentive offering to your audience. Reward links are sent via email, giving your members access to all of the options you placed in your customized catalog. With so many options, you can give your members rewards they want that fit their lifestyles in any format.

The right reward drives participation by up to 4 times


Staying engaged with your members does not have to be a challenge. Blackhawk Network makes it easy to engage, communicate and incent them to continue to preventative care while staying comfortable at home. We are HIPAA–HITECH compliant and provide full account management and customer service so you can keep your members healthy, happy and engaged. Ready to keep your members healthy? Let’s talk.