Mar 03, 2023

Live Webinar: Gift Cards by the Numbers - 2023 U.S. Merchant Gift Card Program Evaluation by NAPCO Research

The 6th annual comprehensive benchmark study of 100-plus U.S. merchants’ gift card offerings across 175 criteria is complete. Conducted by NAPCO Research in partnership with Blackhawk Network (BHN), the resulting numbers from this robust, in-depth, industry-leading effort can help any company optimize its gift card program, no matter how large or small. In this live webinar, topics will include:

• About the research - importance and methodology

• U.S. 2023 key findings and results

• Top takeaways for brands

• Live Q&A


Webinar date and time: April 11th at 12pm EST




Andrew Solomon
Vice President, Sales and Channel Partners
Blackhawk Network

Sarah Kositzke
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Blackhawk Network

Nathan Safran
Vice President, Research