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Every day, life gets a little more digital. We’ve all get less access to physical locations these days, and we’re relying on digital platforms more and more. If market research is about understanding consumers’ needs, wants and feelings, what’s the best way to follow people as they move their lives online? The answer: digital rewards and incentives. When you do your consumer research online and tailor your rewards and incentives for that same online environment, you can get better results and deliver more interesting, more desirable incentives.

The truth is, you can easily drive up your participation rates by simply offering rewards that people actually want. Now that in-person focus groups and research efforts aren’t possible, the strengths of digital research and reward options are just inescapable.

For example, we know that 76% of consumers see gift cards as an opportunity to treat themselves1. When people participate in your market research efforts, they’re (most likely) not using their reward for bills or necessities. They’re looking for a fun and a special treat. When you understand what your participants want out of their rewards, it makes it easier to meet their expectations and make rewards fun, fast, engaging and easy.

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Not only will virtual prepaid rewards be well-received, but they’re also easy for you to administer. You can send out digital rewards to entire research panels quickly and easily, with no additional work for you. This means you can spend more time on your research and less-time on reward administration. Plus, the faster people receive rewards, the more they feel rewarded: one survey found that 86% of people felt rewarded if they received their incentives within one or two days2. If your reward process is time- and administration-intensive, you might struggle to turn around rewards that quickly. With digital rewards, your recipients will stay happy and feel good about their experiences.

With Blackhawk Network, you can administrate your digital rewards entirely within our easy-to-use online portal. You can order cards one at a time or in bulk—perfect for both in-depth single interviews and large focus groups. Different types of rewards work better for different types of research and different groups of respondents. That’s why we offer more than 1,000 different types of incentives, including virtual Visa® and Mastercard® options that can be reloaded for longer research studies or repeat respondents.

Digital rewards are powerful, flexible tools that can help you achieve your research goals, build a responsive digital audience, increase the quality of your responses and reduce back-end administrative headaches. When you use them right, they can help you get the great results you’re looking for from your market research efforts.



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