Making the Most of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not your traditional holidays. Because these fabricated events are centered entirely around deals, they’re different from anything else on your promotional calendar.

There are no family meals, no exchanging of gifts and no traditions passed down from generation to generation (unless you count shopping strategies as traditions). It’s all about deals. It’s one big promotion.

As a marketer, then, your mission is simply to create the best promotion you can, and make sure your customers (and potential customers) know about it.

The best part? Your customers will do half that work for you; they’re already actively looking to see what you come up with.

From Two Days to an Entire Season

Originally, Black Friday took place only on the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday took place on the following Monday, with Black Friday focusing on in-store deals and Cyber Monday focusing on online deals.

As time went on, though, retailers wanted to get a head start on the competition, offering their deal-seeking shoppers the best prices of the season sooner and keeping them going later. At the same time, consumers started looking for more omni-commerce experiences, causing the line between in-store and online to become more and more blurred. The result? Many of today’s retailers offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals throughout the entire holiday season.

This gives you a larger holiday window, allowing you to choose the most opportune times to promote deals and offers (as well as your brand).

This Year’s Challenges

After last year’s very challenging holiday season (thanks a lot, pandemic!), this year’s holiday outlook is very optimistic.

In the US, holiday gift spending is
going up to $663 per person, a rise of 17% YOY.1

Still, there are challenges. Shipping delays worldwide are making gift deliveries late. And out of stocks are leaving shoppers frustrated and looking for alternatives.

We may be biased, but gift cards-especially virtual cards and eGifts-solve those challenges almost instantly.

Gift Card Promotions to the Rescue

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: People love gift cards. In fact, for the 15th year in a row, gift cards are the #1 most requested holiday gift.2 That means your customers will always be the ones giving the good gifts, and their recipients won’t have to deal with returns.

Plus, virtual or digital gift card products are never out of stock and are always delivered almost instantly. They’re the perfect solution for last-minute gift ideas, too.

The point of all this? Center your Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday promotions around gift cards-virtual and/or physical-and you’ll win.

At Blackhawk Network, we have definitely seen Black Friday starting early this year. We’ve already helped more than 60 partners launch gift card promotions in early November, and these promotions have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

The most popular promotion format? BOGO-Buy One gift card and Get One as a bonus. Shoppers can keep the bonus card for themselves or give it to someone else as a gift. Either way, you make a good sale now, and either the shopper or recipient will be back to make a future purchase, usually spending more than the value of the gift card.

Yes, a holiday BOGO is a WIN-WIN.

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1. 2021 Holiday Branded Pay Study, Blackhawk Network, 2021

2. NRF Holiday by the Numbers, 2020

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