New Happy Cards for Incentives

Blackhawk is pleased to announce two new Happy Cards, created specifically with the incentives market in mind. Introducing Happy Dining Ontario, Happy Dining West & Happy Home

Benefits of Happy Cards

Happy cards are a win-win for you and your client’s program participants

For you: Consolidate your inventory by adding multiple brands on one card. Plus, by choosing Happy Cards you will not need to go through merchant approvals, giving you a quicker time to market.

For program participants: Happy Cards give recipients a choice of 4 – 8 recognizable brands, all in one reward. And since funds can be used multiple times across brands, recipients can create their own experiences like dinner and a movie, or lunch and shopping. As an added bonus, Happy Cards funds do not expire and there are no card holder fees.

If you have specific questions or want to discuss how Happy Dining & Happy Home can fit into your programs, please reach out your Account Executive.