May 11, 2022

Our Number One Business Best Practice: Say Thanks

Our promotions blogs are full of helpful insights, ideas and best practices about, well, promotions. It’s usually all about moving product, making money and taking advantage of busy key holiday shopper activity.

Nothing wrong with that. Business is business.

But sometimes, like after a couple of years of fighting through a pandemic, you just have to take a moment and show your employees, customers, vendors, partners and friends how much you appreciate them. You have to say thanks.

And we think gift cards is the best way to say it.

Our Thank-You Cards: Gift Cards

We’re not saying gift cards are the only way to say thanks. You can give flowers. You can take people out to dinner. You can give everyone thermal coffee cups with your company logo. You can have heartfelt one-on-one conversations, complete with a hug (if HR-appropriate).

What we’re saying is that people love gift cards, and gift cards are what people want more than anything else:

In 2021, for the 15th year in a row, gift cards
were the #1 most requested holiday gift.*

We’re saying this, too: with our smartly curated selection of gift cards from the biggest brands, our exclusive collection of Blackhawk Originals™ multi-brand cards and how easy we make it to buy physical and digital cards, Blackhawk Network On Demand is the best place to buy your cards.

Better yet, consider creating (or growing) your own gift card program. With our Digital Gifting platform, your customers can use your physical and digital gift cards to say thanks. They can even buy in bulk. Plus, you’ll be able to run promotions to show your customers how much you appreciate them all year long.

You'll thank us.

When to Thank

You know the saying, “Timing is everything?” Well, when it comes to thank-yous, there's no time like the present. Anytime is a good time to thank. Any day. Any month. For any reason.

That said, there are some specific days in May set aside for special groups of people, all of which deserve your thanks, especially this year:

  • Teachers Day is May 3
  • Nurses Day is May 6
  • EMS Day is May 15
  • Waitstaff Day is May 21

There are also specific pandemic-related reasons to say thank you:

  • Employees who have taken on additional work when coworkers are out because of COVID-19
  • Employees who have managed to show up for work during the last couple years
  • Employees who have gone with the flow during the work-in-the-office, work-at-home craziness
  • Neighbors or family members who have been particularly helpful during this time
  • Nurses and teachers who have risked their own health for us and our children
  • Yourself! (It’s been tough, right?)

Finally, there are not-as-specific, still-shouldn’t-be-ignored reasons to show a little appreciation:

  • Just because
  • You like their hair
  • They make your job easier
  • You want to be nice
  • They deserve some niceness
  • They have cool Zoom backgrounds
  • To share the wealth
  • To make up for not enough thanking
  • Happy Anyday!

Thanks in Advance

Stay tuned for future blogs that will be more promotions focused. We’ll have more stats, insights, useful resources and ways to help you bring in more revenue.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions—or just want to get started with your Month of Thanks—the experts at Blackhawk Network are standing by to answer any questions, make suggestions or help with whatever you need. We appreciate your business, your readership and letting us help you express yourself in meaningful ways.

In other words, thanks.

Just click here for more information or call 866.219.7533.

* 2021 NRF Holiday Report, 2021