Nov 11, 2021

Our Platform Now Does More-So You Can Do More

The Blackhawk Network digital gifting platform is best in its class because of how easily and quickly it enables you (any brand or retailer, actually) to sell your own gift cards online. But it’s also earned that distinction because our teams continue to invest and innovate to make our platform better.

In September, we added content expansion and multi-brand bundling functionality to our platform’s many advanced capabilities. What are these features and what can they do for you and your customers? Let’s take a look.

Content Expansion and Multi-Brand Bundling

The capability to sell your own branded gift cards has become a necessity in our more-digital-than-ever world. It lets you reach more shoppers, and lets your shoppers buy from wherever they are.

But once you have your own gift card sales platform, wouldn’t you like to give your customers more options? Content expansion does exactly that. It gives you the ability to add complementary gift cards to your online store, including our excusive Blackhawk Originals cards.

Multi-brand bundling takes that concept to the next level, allowing you to put together pairs or packages of cards. Are you a restaurant brand? You can offer a dinner and a movie bundle. Are you a women’s clothing brand? Partner with a handbag or shoe brand to offer a bundle for Mother’s Day.

With bundling, you have more ways to market to people, more ways for people to buy and a new way to gift an experience.

Benefits are Part of the Bundle, Too

Selling gift cards brings all kinds of benefits, especially around the holidays. While year-end shopping delays and out-of-stocks can affect holiday gift shopping, for example, gift cards continue to be an easy gifting solution for consumers and a profitable one for brands.

Our new platform features take all those benefits to a new level.

  • Drive more sales and customer satisfaction-consumers want choice now more than ever
  • Engage a new and incremental audience-80% of multi-brand card shoppers are not traditional closed or open loop buyers*
  • Increase basket size by letting customers add to their purchase
  • Bundling allow you to sell complete gift experiences
  • Easy to implement-no lift for existing partners to add this functionality to their sites (QA and approval are all that is required)

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

This functionality drives sales and satisfaction in all kinds of ways, all of which lead to additional revenue.

If a customer comes to your site to buy a gift for a friend, content expansion encourages them to buy another gift or something for themselves. Have sister companies or brands? Bundling lets you sell all brands on all sites, encouraging trial.

Bundling also lets you sell complete experiences. For example, why just sell your snack brand when you can create a tailgating experience, bundling snacks, drinks, plasticware and a streaming service?

More to Come

The Blackhawk Network team is continually innovating and updating our platform to best serve our clients’ needs. If you’re already working with us and have questions about any of these new features, please reach out to your client success manager. If not, and you’d like to learn more about the Blackhawk Network eCommerce platform, please reach out to us at 866.219.7533

* Blackhawk Network Gift Card Buyers Attitudes & Usage Survey, 2020