May 25, 2021

Video—2021: Better Connected Through Payments

Welcome. If you’re here just to watch the video, then click and enjoy the show.

When the show's over, if you’re serious about finding new, meaningful ways to connect with your customers ASAP, keep reading and contact Blackhawk Network when you’re done.

Everything’s Different

The pandemic instantly affected consumer buying habits. It started with a decline in credit card use, something that will likely continue deep into 2021. Online purchasing, of course, is up. Curbside ordering is up. Mobile shopping is up.

What does all this mean to retailers like you? While customers are slowly coming back to stores, restaurants and movie theaters, they're still spending more time on their laptops, tables and phones. You must find ways to reach them where they are. You also must accommodate the new ways they want to pay.

The Demand for Digital

Everything contactless and digital is growing, and will likely continue to do so. As seen in the video on this page, Blackhawk Network has been providing all kinds of new ways to help our partners connect with consumers digitally—from new digital products to new ways to pay at the register.

It follows, then, that the demand for digital gifting is reaching an all-time high. In fact, Blackhawk Network sales data indicates that 2020 sales of eGifts sold on merchant websites were up 74% over the previous year.

In fact, overall sales of gift cards continues to be strong.

Gift Cards Keep Growing

Shoppers are turning to gift cards more than ever before, as well. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards were the most requested holiday gift for the 14th year in a row. But they're also being purchased more often for self-use. Now, as retailers ease back into the new normal, but battle for any source of revenue, gift cards take on even a greater role. They simply offer unbeatable personalization, choice and versatility.

And digital gifting is far too easy, fast and convenient to ignore—pandemic or not.

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