Video: Curbside Pickup With At-Home Activation

Shopping habits have changed. In fact:

Curbside pickup surged 208%

in April 2020 vs. the previous year.1

And many of those habits, like curbside pickup, may never change back. And, yes, we have facts about this, too:

78% of surveyed US consumers expect

permanent changes in the shopping experience.2


44% say they're unlikely to shift back to their former

shopping behavior once the country reopens.2

Here's another fact: Until now, curbside shoppers haven’t been able to buy physical gift cards. Finally, Blackhawk Network has solved the curbside puzzle with at-home activation. Now, adding gift cards to a curbside order is fast, easy and secure.

To see for yourself, just watch the video. Then, when you’re ready for a conversation with a gift card program expert, fill out the form on this page and let's chat.

1. Curbside Pickup at Retail Surges, Adobe Analytics research, 2020

2. 2020 Multinational BrandedPayTM Report, Blackhawk Network

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