Videos: Blackhawk Network and Partners Rybbon, John Deere and WorkStride Speak with Digiday about the Future of Consumer and Employee Rewards and Incentives

The nature of rewards and incentives programs has transformed, largely due to the events of 2020 that accelerated sweeping change across nearly every business channel. Together with several of our partners, we spoke with Digiday about these trends and what they mean for the future of rewards and incentives.

On the consumer rewards and incentives front, consumer demand showed a noticeable shift to digital, with preferences moving toward rewards that could integrate with digital wallets. Consumers also utilized their rewards in new and surprising ways. Blackhawk Network, along with partners Rybbon and John Deere, explain these changes and what to look for on the horizon of consumer rewards in this video interview.

Changes have also been at play in the area of employee incentives, as companies consider which rewards best align with ever-changing environmental and cultural shifts. This video interview features experts from Blackhawk Network and partners WorkStride and Rybbon, as they discuss key trends in employee incentives.

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