Apr 12, 2022

Webinar Recording: Buy Now, Pay Later

Thank you for your interest in the recording of our webinar from Blackhawk Network, a global leader in branded payments, and Zip Pay, a pioneer in the Buy Now, Pay Later space.

Our solution enables retailers to give their customers the in-store payment option they want at the point of sale, an option that seems to be continually growing in popularity. Allow us to introduce your co-presenters:

  • Levi Aron, Zip Pay Chief Growth Officer

Levi heads up Zip Pay’s corporate strategy, sales excellence, and new digital market-driven innovation initiatives.

  • Eddie Davis, Blackhawk Network Vice President, Payment Solutions

After working ten years at PayPal, Eddie now leads the payment solutions team which allows retailers to engage with shoppers in-store.

Hope you enjoy the video. The content is something you and your customers will definitely appreciate.