Nov 29, 2021

What Are The Five Best Gift Cards An Employer Can Give To Their Employees?

Imagine opening your mail after a long, hard day at work. Among the usual stack of listless bills and ads, a brightly colored envelope addressed to you catches your eye. This isn’t too unusual- after all: you’ve been getting holiday cards from everyone from your grandma to the dentist. Opening the envelope, you realize it’s more than just a sentimental card-it’s a gift card to your favorite store from your boss.

Giving the experience of joy and delight to your employees can be this easy. Rather than trying to guess what your employees want for the holidays, why not let them pick out their own gift? Even better, why not give them the #1 rated gift by employees for 14 years in a row: gift cards.

But with so many choices and preferences, it can be challenging to decide which type of gift card to give. Read on to discover the top five gift cards for employees so you can win this holiday season.

5 amazing gift cards for employees

Prepaid cards

A personalized prepaid gift card is the most flexible incentive you can give to workers, aside from money or a check. Employees can purchase gifts like dinner at a nice restaurant, passes to a beautiful cultural show, or a new computer with these bank-issued gift cards, which are available online, in shops, and over the phone at thousands of outlets.

These cards may also be used to make more realistic purchases like petrol, food, and home furnishings. Employees receive the appreciation they deserve with a prepaid gift card, which they can use any way they want.

Gift cards to Starbucks

A gift card to Starbucks or a preferred nearby coffee house would delight coffee and tea drinkers. They can buy beans to create their own drink at home, or they can get their regular drink on the way to work.

Gift cards for food delivery

Gift cards for food delivery became one of the most common types of gift cards in 2020. Consider giving these gift cards to workers who work remotely. Employees can use the gift cards to purchase a team lunch or use them off-hours at any of the thousands of nearby restaurants. If you're a corporation that wishes to serve small businesses, this is an excellent way to do so.

Gift cards for streaming services

When the workday is over, not every employee searches for more screen time, but many do as a stress reliever to decompress. Spend some time finding out which streaming services your employees use, and if you get the impression they'd be willing, or even eager to try something different, get them a streaming gift card.

Gift cards for entertainment

Employee gift cards that reflect the complete reverse of work are some of the best to offer because they demonstrate that the business values work-life harmony. Send the team to river rafting, schedule a laser tag session, or give everyone a gift card to a nearby sports store.

Mixing up the incentives you give is the most important thing you can do. Allow your employees to select which incentives they enjoy, and then build a reward list that they can enjoy. Experiences and gift cards are enjoyable, but the true power of incentives lies in the expression of gratitude you show your workers by giving them thoughtful gifts.

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