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Blackhawk Network’s products, services and platforms are specifically designed around your needs to create rich experiences using customized physical, online and mobile prepaid, and payment and incentive solutions. Blackhawk is focused on expanding your reach and your ability to interact and motivate consumers, sales channels and employees with branded value. Discuss your objectives with the experts at Blackhawk and find the best solutions to reach your goals. Here are a few examples of our top solutions.

Expand your brand reach in one of the most productive retail networks

Distribute your gift cards, offers and other branded value through our extensive global network. We have 215,000 prime physical retail locations in 25 countries along with some of the most popular online and mobile sites including Amazon, Staples and eBay.

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Create an online or mobile gift card mall


Blackhawk’s custom egift/wallet APIs and white label solutions simplify and reduce time to market, making it easy to buy and sell all types of branded value with access to over 600 of the best brands throughout the world. Integrate with our best-in-class eCommerce platform to streamline your customers’ online or mobile experiences, while allowing them to earn and redeem their reward points.

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Learn more about Blackhawk APIs: Developer Central

Some of our digital integrations include:

Amazon, Samsung Pay, Kroger

Drive global reach with an international presence

Blackhawk Network partners with the best brands in each country, creating one of the largest branded value networks spanning the globe. With a presence in over 25 countries, we know how to provide content and solutions that resonate best with each regions’ consumers and employees.

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Blackhawk Network bulk gift cards
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea

Expand your egift and gift card sales on your own site

Blackhawk’s platform creates a seamless mobile and web experience to sell your own egifts and gift cards. Customize the shopping experience for your customers and expand your branded value reach. Blackhawk Network’s solution includes a full suite of services, including bulk purchasing, promotional capabilities, marketing tools and analytics, and built-in fraud prevention.

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Blackhawk Network eGifts

Acquire cash-based customers

Blackhawk finds ways to give consumers who prefer to use cash access to convenient online payment solutions such as bill pay and shopping. Our cash-based products like reloadable prepaid debit cards offer consumers options and helpful ways to manage their money.

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Blackhawk Network Cash-Based Customers
Our partners include:

Cash-In Partners

Exchange branded value products in-store, online or in an app

Blackhawk Network’s exchange services provide consumers with a convenient marketplace to buy and sell gift cards in store, online or via a mobile app. With this technology, you can develop a new source of revenue and brand success by integrating prepaid exchange technology and APIs into your platform. You can offer online, in-store or mobile exchange services and find a new source of branded value to grow your sales.

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Blackhawk Network's exchange services

Drive consumer engagement with incentives and rebates

Consumers around the world are motivated by rebates, incentives, offers, deals and loyalty rewards. Blackhawk’s engagement solutions can drive specific consumer and sales channel actions and brand engagement.

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Engage and reward employees

Our Employee Success Platform positively connects employees to the company and to each other across departments and locations. The platform’s intuitive interface is specifically designed to align everyone with business objectives and company values through recognizing shared victories every day.

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Buy gift cards in bulk for your customers, sales channel or employees

Consumers prefer branded value over other types of rewards. It’s the perfect solution to motivate behavior, reward consumers and attract price-sensitive deal seekers while preserving your profit margins. Blackhawk’s Hawk Incentives can help you develop programs that use your brand value as part of your promotional strategy including consumer rebates, promotion management, rebate processing, rules based validation, reward fulfillment and CRM.

Contact us about your corporate incentive needs.

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Blackhawk Network bulk gift cards

Create, print and process your gift cards/egifts

Blackhawk Network’s world-class operational capabilities and deep expertise help you create, print, process and fulfill gift and prepaid payment products. Rigorous Blackhawk standards and operational best-practices are embodied in all of our product development to ensure we meet your demands in any channel worldwide.

Blackhawk Network's technology