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Opt for the in-store Gift Card Mall

Increase your in-store gift card category sales with our innovative fixtures that showcase hundreds of best-selling cards.

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Boost your gift card category sales by up to 40%

Read our case study to learn how Blackhawk Network helped one major North American retailer increase their gift card category sales by 40% YOY. Then start a conversation with one of our gift card experts.

"Switching Gift Card Providers Increases Sales" article

Expert in-store merchandising

Better merchandising makes your store more attractive. It also provides more value. In fact, every dollar spent on Blackhawk Network merchandising leads to $9 in additional revenue².

As an industry pioneer—and a continuous innovator—we know how to maximize gift card category sales in-store, for both our retailer partners and gift card partners. How? These are just a few of our extensive best practices:

· A data-driven approach to optimizing fixtures
· Planogram optimization analysis, including custom displays if desired
· Real-time insights about best-selling products
· Innovative, attention-getting displays, many including video displays

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