Part 1 of 3: Deepening Engagement with the Connected Consumer by Blackhawk CEO and President Talbott Roche

In March 2016, Blackhawk Network CEO and President, Talbott Roche, was the keynote speaker at the All Payments Expo (APEX) in New Orleans. This three-part blog series features clips of Roche’s keynote focusing on how payment tools and technology have become incredibly influential among consumers, commerce and brands in general.

The following clips introduce the concept of the “connected consumer” and how payment technology can deepen engagement with this important audience.

The Connected Consumer: As Americans have increased the number of hours per day they are connected to the web via mobile devices like smartphones, wearables and tablets, they have come to expect more engagement than ever before.

Using Payments to Engage with the Connected Consumer: Roche discusses how organizations can use payments to bring value to connected consumers through benefits such as deeper engagement, increased trust and more.


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