Team-Building Activities to Reflect the Blackhawk Spirit

At Blackhawk, we believe in a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. So while we’re always striving to advance the prepaid industry, meet consumer needs and build business for our partners, we like to have fun doing it.

For example, we set up a viewing screen in a conference room the other day when the USA played Ghana in the World Cup so people could watch while they worked. The room was filled with folks on their laptops multitasking and you could hear the cheering throughout the office as the team scored two goals to win in Brazil. Our Operations team went a step further and took their work to an offsite location so they could be together to collaborate and cheer on the red, white and blue.

Recently our CTO, Jerry Ulrich’s senior team completed a push-up challenge. A little friendly competition ensued, and after a few weeks of taunting and training with downloaded apps to track their push up count, the competition kicked off in the office on a Friday afternoon with the playing of the Rocky theme song to pump up the competitors. The team did 311 push-ups in total—a great way to stay fit at work and have some fun in the office. After it was all over, they celebrated their achievements with a box of cookies!

This fun and energetic environment is just one of the many reasons we enjoy working at Blackhawk. If you’d like to learn about joining our team, you can check out our open jobs by clicking here.

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