Three Ways the CashStar Business Platform is Better Than Ever

Gift cards continue to be a leading revenue generator for merchants of all kinds, and the CashStar Business platform is leading the way in terms of functionality, reliability and security. Our teams recently added three new features that will make your B2B gift card business more flexible, more convenient and more profitable.

CashStar Business Reload

We just made the gift card experience better for merchants, corporate buyers and end users. With CashStar Business Reload, your best buyers can quickly get funds into the hands of your loyal customers. When a customer depletes the funds on their gift card, they don’t have to throw it away and buy another. Corporate buyers offering your brand can enable end users—your customers—to refill your branded currency through incentives or other programs.

Not only will your best customers save time and hassle, merchants and corporate buyers save, too. You save money on distributing new cards. You save time on production and shipping. You help save the environment by reducing the amount of plastic in the world. And you improve the merchant-buyer relationship by making the entire process easier, more efficient and more convenient. There’s simply no faster way for your customer to get a loaded physical gift card.

How does CashStar Business Reload work? Merchants or buyers simply go to their B2B portal and reload via Shop for Cards.

CashStar Business Incentives

If your gift card program is all it should be, your B2B sales should represent at least 20 percent of your total gift card revenue. This includes your reseller partners (such as Maritz and Great Lakes Scrip Center), as well as direct B2B buyers using gift cards for the following:

Consumer Incentives

  • Loyalty
  • Purchase promotions

Employee Incentives

  • Employee recognition
  • Health and wellness

Thanks to CashStar Business Incentives, you now have more opportunities to enhance your B2B gift card program. If you want to go beyond standard B2B gift card discounts, you can. If you want to influence B2B buyers to purchase at certain times—or in certain ways—you can. And if you want to allow B2B customers to use a cheaper form of payment, you can do that, too.

CashStar Business Incentives puts you in control of your B2B gift card business, and the list of benefits will be growing; CashStar will be adding new incentives and capabilities, giving you more and more flexibility down the road.

CashStar Inactive Inventory Management

Another feature designed to help with your B2B gift card business, CashStar Inactive Inventory Management makes it easy to turn inactive cards into active, ready-to-use cards. Unlike other solutions, this solution does not require a direct client connection to your processor to activate inventory. Merchants can buy and hold card inventory—without setting values or activating—then set values and activate as needed. The entire process is simplified.

  • Merchants can offer inactive inventory in the same place they offer existing B2B programs
  • Eliminates the challenge of ordering and payment occurring in secondary processes
  • Provides merchants with complete visibility into program insights and support, and complete control over orders and client access
  • Buyers get a quick way to deliver physical cards to customers, which helps businesses run more efficiently and securely.

With CashStar Inactive Inventory Management, you have another ordering method, one that is not overcomplicated or beyond your control.

More to Come

The Blackhawk Network development teams are continually innovating and updating our platforms to best serve our clients’ needs. This dedication to innovation is part of our long-term strategy to bring you the newest features and functionality to stay ahead of your B2B gift card competitors.

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