Mar 31, 2021

Global reach with a personal touch

How the spirit of SVM Global will live on under the Blackhawk Network name

In April 2020, we announced the acquisition of SVM by Blackhawk Network, which included SVM Global Ltd, the operations in Rotherham. Since then, the two leadership teams in the UK have been working hard to design a future that is built on the best of both businesses.

Like so many clients were telling us, we knew that the gift card range, platform user experience, slick delivery and excellent customer service were central to what made SVM Global special. This was a natural fit with Blackhawk Network’s UK B2B Incentive business partner, and direct growth strategy. Our goal has been to combine these strengths, creating a customer proposition that offers even more than the sum of its parts.

Now, as we retire the SVM name, I wanted to share what clients can expect from that future with us, no matter which business they’ve worked with until now.

Our priority has been to protect and strengthen key relationships. We’re welcoming the entire SVM Sales and Accounts team to Blackhawk Network, meaning clients who’ve previously worked with SVM will continue to pick up the phone to a team they already know and trust. Other SVM colleagues are also joining us, bringing valuable knowledge and experience to underpin the slick execution of client campaigns.

The Blackhawk Network product portfolio will become even stronger and more diverse, thanks to the addition of many well-loved SVM products, including the SVM ecommerce sites and all-important API. 

Where we have similar products across our two businesses, we’ve had the opportunity to identify the single, strongest proposition for the organisations we work with. In some cases, this means clients will move from an SVM product to an equivalent Blackhawk Network product, with a roadmap for ongoing enhancements. These clients will also now have access to one of the UK’s fastest growing multi-retailer Gift Cards - One4All.

Whether a client has a history with SVM, an existing relationship with Blackhawk Network, or is coming to us for the first time, they will have access to more choice, more expertise and wider reach because our two businesses have come together. If you want to talk to us in detail about any part of what this means for you, get in touch with Andy Pickard at

From the people themselves to the products that connect them, we know rewards and incentives rely on understanding the human experience. We’ll continue to be guided by that truth, however big the campaign or efficient the platform used to deliver it.

The SVM name may be going, but the SVM spirit and expertise is very much part of Blackhawk Network’s future. Clients can expect familiar faces and voices offering a wider range of products and possibilities.

We’re looking forward to sharing that future with you.

Chris Ronald
VP EMEA Incentives & Operations, Blackhawk Network