10 Year Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

The average time a person stays with a company today is just 4.5 years, making a ‘job for life’ a notion of the past. And with fewer people meeting the impressive 10 year employee anniversary milestone, it is arguably more important to celebrate this type of achievement in the workplace.

We’ve previously discussed long service awards, so now it’s time to delve into the fun part - buying gifts and rewards!

Keep reading for a list of the top 10 year employee anniversary gifts ideas to suit all budgets and tastes.

1: Keep it simple with a gift card

Gift cards really do allow you to show your employees how much you care, without the fear of giving something disappointing. Employees are free to choose what their actual gift is and it cuts out the time spent searching for the ‘perfect’ reward.

You might be worried that a gift card feels impersonal. However, there are many types of gift cards today that allow you to uniquely tailor them for each recipient.

For example…

  • Themed gift vouchers, such as One4All Favourites: these gift vouchers follow a theme that allow employees to shop with a group of retailers or establishments you know they’ll enjoy. If your employee revels in being pampered, you could choose the Beauty & Spa Favourites. Or if your employee is a food connoisseur, the Restaurant Favourites allows them to dine at a restaurant of their choice.
  • Digital gift cards, such as eGifts: These are the perfect award if your employees work remotely as they can be sent and received instantly via email or text. EGifts are also extremely environmentally friendly - ideal if your brand promotes sustainable values.
  • Personalised messages: Many gift cards allow you to add an additional bespoke touch with a personalised message. A heart-felt note from a CEO or Manager truly demonstrates your gratitude, and will be remembered and valued by employees for a very long time.

2: Give them a memorable experience

A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that people enjoyed greater wellbeing from life experiences. Which is why gifting an experience day is a sure way to give your employees the happiness boost they deserve.

Our own experience day gift voucher, Envy, offers an array of experiences your employees can choose from. Just some of the memorable moments you could give them the opportunity to encounter are:

  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Spa breaks
  • Family days out, including Alton Towers and GoApe
  • Driving experiences
  • And short breaks in the UK, overseas, city and countryside

Memorable experiences don’t have to be for individuals only, you could take the entire team out in honour of your dedicated employee. That way everyone gets to celebrate their achievement - and your gift has the additional benefit of becoming a great team building exercise.

Afterall, a recent study found that team building “promotes effective collaboration of team members” and makes a company a better place to work.

3: Additional holiday allowance

A gift does not necessarily need to be tangible.

Giving a larger holiday allowance offers your employee extra time to spend as they please, therefore granting them a better work-life balance.

Research confirms that a good work-life balance is crucial for mental health and also significantly increases employee happiness and performance.

Giving more holiday allowance is always well received and a wonderful incentive for other staff to meet their own 10 year anniversary milestone.

Additionally, rewarding your employee extra time out of the office has little upfront cost and has been shown to not only improve productivity, but reduce absenteeism too.

4: Change their office space

After 10 years of fitting into the office mould your employee may value a more individualised workspace to reward their loyalty.

This case study found that when a workspace aligns with self image the employee feels a greater sense of belonging; as such they feel more enthusiastic about their work.

Would your employee feel valued with a new desk? Would they prefer a window seat? Or with the new hybrid way of working, the opportunity to upgrade their home office could act as a real motivation booster.

Treating your employee to a new workspace shows your long-standing employee that you care about them. It will also give them, and their peers, a daily reminder how highly you value loyalty.

The cost does not have to be great, but the impact can be huge, both on your employee and your company.

5: The gift that keeps on giving

The subscription box market is estimated to be worth £1.8 billion by 2025. And there are now subscription boxes to suit most hobbies and tastes, from artisan teas to luxury fudge.

Rewarding an employee’s long service with a personal gift that arrives at their door every month is a sure way to make them feel appreciated and valued.

Subscription boxes are flexible too, so you could either send the package every month across the employee’s 10 year anniversary, or for 10 months of the year to mark their milestone. The choice is yours.

6: Timeless gifts

Champagne, flowers or customised stationery remain timeless and are highly likely to be welcomed by everyone.

A recent study carried out by us, Blackhawk Network, revealed that 32% of employees felt a gift demonstrated to them that their employer cares. And 22% of employees said seasonal gifts help keep them motivated.

Chris Ronald, Blackhawk Network’s VP, EMEA Incentives, commented on the results: “Providing rewards as a ‘thank you’ plays an important role in ensuring that staff feel appreciated. Even small gestures can go a long way in building loyalty to hard working teams.”

There is however one caveat with a physical gift. It needs to be appropriate and meaningful, otherwise you could end up demotivating your employee - not motivating them! So, before you purchase the reward, make sure you’ve done your research first.

7: VIP discounts

Employee discount schemes help pay packets go further and increase overall financial wellbeing. But what if your discount schemes were only offered to long-standing employees? This could really make your longer serving staff feel like VIPs! And in turn motivate their peers to reach the same milestones.

Our own employee discount schemes help employees save up to 15% on everyday shopping, with employees seeing an average rebate of £216 per year. Here’s more detail about them:

  • Pure Card - a physical and digital card that employees can use in over 70 high street and online retailers and get a discount on everything they spend. It’s easy and free to set up for employers,and is one of the most popular employee discount schemes because of its universal appeal - every employee saves money on their spending, each and every day.
  • Voucher Store - employees have easy, online access to an extensive range of discounted gift cards. It means they can make incredible savings on their spending with over 70 well-known retail, leisure and entertainment brands. Not only can the employee themselves benefit, but they can purchase discounted cards for friends and family too, spreading the cost-savings even further!

8: Organise a social occasion

Okay, so the pandemic has made socialising a bit more difficult, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped enjoying spending time with friends.

If your team is one that enjoys socialising together, then a gettogether in honour of your loyal employee is one way to make them feel extremely special.

Not only will you be bringing the team together for an opportunity to bond, but you’ll be showing your long-serving employee how much you value them. The peers will enjoy the occasion too, giving them an extra motivation boost at the same time.

If budgets are tight, then you could always organise a gathering that includes all 10 year anniversary employees. Just ensure the individual employees’ efforts are acknowledged.

9: Parking spaces and commuting provisions

Worrying about parking at work can be stressful. In fact 27% of employees have admitted to a fear of parking when going into the office.

If this applies to your employee, then consider offering them their own parking space as a 10 year milestone reward.

This sentiment can be extended into commuting costs.

When an employee reaches a decade of service with your company, offer to pay all their commuting costs as a thank you. Whether that’s in the form of fuel, train or bus fares, help cover the fees and these cost-savings will no doubt make them feel an extremely valued member of the team.

Small improvements to someone’s day really can make a huge impact on their general happiness and well being.


The biggest lesson to take on board is that whatever gift you choose, it needs to be carefully considered to match your employee’s individual preferences and needs. An employee who has shown such a commitment deserves to be appropriately rewarded.

Most of all, have fun with it. Show your employees how much you care and you may just encourage them to stay for another 10 years!

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