The 12 Days of Christmas Shopping Forecast


It doesn't matter if you end up with fluffy socks or the present of your dreams this year, one thing is for certain – Christmas 2020 will be like no other. People are reluctant to shop in stores, with retail footfall dropping by almost a third throughout September and many people are already feeling the pinch because of the uncertainty in the economy. However, Blackhawk Network has taken a closer look into exactly what Christmas 2020 might look like. Whilst spend overall on Christmas shopping is likely to be down, gift cards have been identified as a great gifting option to make sure the recipient gets the gift of choice. 

Before we switch on the Michael Bublé and get ready to turn our backs on a bizarre year, here is a snapshot of what Christmas 2020 will look like. 

A dramatic change in 2020 Christmas shopping habits 

Whether you’re someone who leaves Christmas shopping to the last minute, or you like to make a day of it, Covid-19 will have an impact. Rightfully, nearly half of consumers who are shopping earlier this year (41%) are worried about the impact of Covid-19 on Christmas shopping, leaving many people planning to shop online more than they did last year. Perhaps it’s time to put on a good Christmas film and get in the festive spirit from the comfort of your own home.

Consumers want more choice than ever when it comes to purchasing presents 

Gift cards are a popular present this year because gifters want to give the recipient choice. Given that we live in a world where generational lines are more blurred than ever and tastes more difficult to define based on demographics, choice has never been so important. This year, people are far more likely to pick presents based on what people need, as opposed to what they want. Understanding those needs is more difficult, so providing an option such as a gift card is a fantastic way to ensure that people receive a meaningful present that can actually help them. 

Employees are expecting less from their employers 

A Christmas bonus may seem a cheeky ask given that many businesses are struggling financially. So unsurprisingly, many employees aren’t expecting one this year. But for the lucky ones who may receive a little something at Christmas, the clear choice from employees was a cash bonus or a gift card - showing that even when it’s a gift from the boss, consumers still value choice. 

A Christmas like no other 

Most years, the biggest uncertainty during the festive period is whether it will be a white Christmas or not. This year, that probably won’t be the top of people’s priorities. However we are able to spend it, we wish you all a safe and well holiday period. 

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