Sep 30, 2022

Alternative Payments report: How support is moving beyond cash

alternate payments report

The last three years have seen unprecedented economic challenges increasing the financial pressures faced by households up and down the country. The number of people needing help to buy food and other essentials has risen rapidly, and as is often the case, this sudden and immediate need has driven innovation and evolution to provide that support in ever-changing circumstances.

Speed of receiving payment is the number one factor for beneficiaries of support funds

As local authorities find themselves responsible for disbursing substantial support funds, Blackhawk Network has seen a significant increase in demand for alternative payment solutions designed to make the necessary funds easily accessible to those that need them, whilst reducing the associated costs and administrative burden.

However, what really matters is the lived-experience of the people that are receiving this vital support.

This research examines the factors that are driving the increase in usage of these services; how they have impacted those in receipt of these funds; and what lessons can be applied - at both a central and local government level - when providing similar support schemes in future.