Be top of the league with customers

Gesture management for water bills

The recent introduction by OFWAT of league tables reviewing the performance of all water companies across a range of factors means that dealing with complaints in the most effective manner is now vital to ensure you remain top of the tables.

It’s impossible to please everyone which unfortunately makes complaint handling a necessary evil. However, dealing with customer grumbles in the most efficient and rewarding way can help to ease the pain.

It’s not just complaint handling that is important when it comes to the OFWAT league tables. With increased competition and supplier switching within the industry there has never been a more important time to learn from the energy providers in ways to incentivise customer loyalty. According to Mintel’s August 2018 report the water industry as a whole is looking at how customer retention rates increase when a reward programme is on offer. When asked why they did not switch suppliers, one in ten respondents stated it was because their current supplier offered a great reward scheme.

With this in mind, research by Mintel revealed that suppliers within the sector are acting fast, starting to introduce reward schemes and compensation solutions that build customer loyalty. They report that 51% of people believe friendly customer service is important for building trust in a brand, so it is now vital for suppliers to ensure that their customer-care is industry leading.

Currently, most water suppliers offer compensation via money-back on their next bill. However, this is often months down the line, is costly to the company and doesn’t provide complainants with an instant satisfaction reward. But, what if there was a solution that offered an easy customer reward and a speedy resolution to any issues?

Blackhawk Network can help you develop a variety of reward and compensation options to suit every situation. From digital vouchers that can be instantly tailored and emailed out for redemption at over 70 high street retailers to a branded prepaid Mastercard, we are able to help your business provide customers with the best possible service when it matters most.

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