Blackhawk Network reveals EMEA Cost of Living Crisis Research

With the current cost of living crisis, consumers are increasingly feeling the pinch. This eBook presents our latest EMEA gift card research focusing on 14 European territories to provide an in-depth look at who has been impacted and how they are reacting.

The EMEA Cost of Living Crisis eBook assesses the impact of economic and social trends on consumer purchasing habits and identifies how consumers are responding to these challenges. The research also highlights what socioeconomic factors are influencing spending, and how retailers need to respond.

Focusing on key areas;

  • The current economic climate
  • How are consumers mitigating increasing everyday spends
  • Identify the emerging shopper
  • What gift card solutions consumers want

We are now in a period of transition, and it’s not just the economy that is changing. Consumer shopping habits are evolving, too. More retailers are thinking about how to leverage their gift cards business and increase revenue. Globally, gift card usage has grown from being a niche product to an essential part of how consumers manage their money.

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