eBook: Do Digital Rewards Right

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At Blackhawk Network, we specialise in rewards and benefits. With digital expertise on our side, our mission is to connect brands and people. Throughout the 20 years we’ve been delivering engagement solutions, we’ve watched the landscape shift.

Today, the digital age impacts every aspect of modern life and modern business, even down to your incentive programme strategy. People want to be connected - but are you meeting them there?

We’ve created an eBook to get you up to speed on the increasing demand for digital benefits, and how you can deliver them right.

They’re connecting, are you?

We begin by exploring the digital landscape for consumers today. For many people, just the thought of being separated from their phones is anxiety inducing. Handheld devices have become an extension of the self. The way in which consumers interact with technology has also impacted their expectations of brands - what better touchpoint for connection is there than the one that’s never let out of sight? 

The need for speed

We go on to address the fast-paced digital lifestyles of the modern world. In an age of instant gratification, delays are unexpected and unaccepted. Our research reveals that a ‘little and often’ approach to incentives and rewards is preferable for 44% of customers. It’s a strategy that is much more easily facilitated online. The expectation for fast digital rewards is real.

Mastering the mix

It’s not enough to simply offer digital rewards - they must be done right. Including a mix of digital rewards in your engagement strategy can lead to a better reward experience and keep your business relevant among the mobile-minded.

Our eBook takes a closer look at a selection of our most effective digital solutions.

Here’s a taster:

  • With British consumers boasting the third highest e-wallet usage in the world, the question is, can your solution compete? Our One4all Digital Gift Card can.  
  • Prepaid Mastercards offer customers the freedom to spend their reward on the high street. But with 93% of internet users expected to be online shopping by 2021, and further rapid acceleration brought about by social distancing, Virtual Prepaid Cards offer a timely solution.

The design of your reward mix will ultimately reflect your business goals, resources and reward recipients. There’s a solution for every situation, and Blackhawk Network can tailor them to your business.

To understand more about the right way to reward digitally, download the full eBook using the contact form to your right.


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