eBook: EMEA Consumer Gift Card Research 2022  

In January 2021, Blackhawk Network commissioned the first in a series of EMEA gift cards research to measure consumer attitudes to spending in the current climate.  

We are now ready to launch our third instalment of the research, surveying another 15,000 consumers in the UK and across Europe, delving into further gift card market data to unearth key insights around self-use, digital and omnichannel approaches.  

Our latest eBook spans the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Poland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, and Ireland. This breadth of territories gives the optimal view of the current gift card market in Europe in a post-pandemic world and offers valuable takeaways to use in your business.  

The data shows that consumer confidence is on the rise, and the data indicates a shift towards a more confident consumer market, with some interesting insights into the ways in which retailers should further consider how and where they are meeting their customers. 

From reading this report, you will gain insight into: 

  • Omni-commerce is here to stay  
  • Consumers want choice 
  • The opportunities around gifting occasions  
  • Self-use continues to grow  
  • Frictionless customer journeys are still critical 


Download our eBook today and to explore our tips for endemic gift card programmes.  

If you’d like to speak to a Blackhawk Network expert about becoming a partner, uplifting your gift card programme or how to best engage your consumers in 2022, please feel free to reach out. 


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