Apr 12, 2023

Facing the cost-of-living headwinds, consumers are evolving eBook

cost of living headwinds

Our latest round of EMEA consumer gift card research, conducted in January 2023, spanning 14 countries across a pool of 14,000 respondents, aims to revisit the themes of our previous eBook centred on the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis.

This eBook will shed light on what happened during Christmas 2022 – and how consumers see themselves navigating as we move into another economically turbulent year.

These quantitative insights will inform how retailers can use gift cards to stimulate high street spend - by leaning on loyalty and promotion and explores if brands are engaging the Gen Z customer set effectively.

Key takeaways:

1) Offset the impact of the cost-of-living crisis through offering promotions, including discounts, added value and loyalty to keep customers returning to your stores.

2) Look at all generations when you think about your sales strategy: Engage them now, where they want to shop, to lock in loyalty and spend for the future.

3) Target all different gifting moments, from birthdays to anniversaries.