Five tips to keep your consumers engaged

Father and son cleaning together

With consumers and their families spending more time at home despite the lockdown being eased, it’s likely that many will be looking for innovative ways to pass the days. 

Here are five ideas that your brand can leverage to help the kids stave off boredom and support parents to stay positive. Most importantly, these ideas will encourage everyone to keep engaged with your brand.  

For the "I'm bored..." households 

With less provision for family days out this year, there are parents looking for ways to keep their kids occupied and entertained. Let your brand come to the rescue by using our brandable Select platform to distribute e-codes that can be used at online retailers to deliver learning resources, toys or craft supplies.  

Sent instantly via email, recipients can swap their code for a gift card of their choice. With over 200 brands available, there will be something to help keep kids of any age engaged – and that gives parents a reason to keep you front of mind. 

For the cashflow concerned shoppers 

With households spending so much more time at home, chances are your consumers are spending longer online. They may be feeling a little money conscious with all the uncertainty, so why not take the opportunity to meaningfully engage with them. 

Sharing our Voucherstore with a closed user group is the perfect way to let your customers know that you have got their back through these unusually challenging times. With access to hundreds of big-name branded gift cards, at discounted rates, your customers can breathe a little easier if they have to make unexpected additional purchases. 

For the essential shoppers 

It’s never been easier for consumers to streamline their shopping experience. And now whilst it’s no longer ‘vital’ to shop online and schedule deliveries, it seems that many households will continue this new behaviour where possible.

When there are no delivery slots left, the next best thing is click and collect. To aid social distancing, why not consider incentivising your customers to stay in their cars, with a free gift card for online or mobile orders that need to be picked up at your store. Click and collect not only observes the social distancing guidance, but it will free up delivery slots for those who need them most.

Keep the reward open ended, providing choice to your consumer – a One4all gift card is ideal, as it can be spent at over 130 retailers, many of which are online. Easily bulk order your cards using our self-serve Gift Card Store for Business website. 

Once you’re signed up to the site and registration is complete, you can buy up to £10,000 of any gift card available. We can manually process orders over £10k over the phone.  

For the DIY project planners 

Thousands of people will be spending the extra time at home sprucing up tired spaces and finishing odd DIY jobs. It’s the perfect way to keep focused and productive. Let your customers have you to thank for a donation towards their upkeep by providing e-codes that can be spent with online retailers who’ll deliver straight to their door. 

Not relevant to send DIY or home related e-gifts, but still want to engage your consumer? Why not send a supermarket e-code, so that they can treat themselves for getting the jobs done – for many people, a meal out might not be an option right now, but an e-gift worth enough for a fancy ready meal and a bottle of wine is! With our Tesco and Morrisons gift card platforms, you can sign up, self-serve and start rewarding in no time. 

For the ones who need compensation 

Having big events cancelled or a family day out postponed has been frustrating and disappointing for all of us. Offer eGifts as a way to help ease the pain or show solidarity.  

Our new One4all Digital Gift Card makes compensating efficient and personal. Simply send codes via SMS or email alongside a message or video to make it memorable and meaningful. Thank them for being great customers, reassure them that everything will be ok or incentivise them towards a particular behaviour. 

Once they’ve received the code, they can add the digital gift card to their virtual wallets for future use. The One4all Digital Gift Card can then be spent online at a range of retailers or saved for when the recipient is ready to spend in store.

If you’d like to chat about how your business can keep consumers engaged as we adjust to the ‘new normal’, use the contact form to the right or call us on 0207 419 8100.