Jun 21, 2021

Case study: Bringing speed, scale and impact to charity funds disbursement

Charity funds disbursements with Blackhawk Network

Download our new case study that explores how we used our digital voucher platform to bring speed, scale and impact to charity funds disbursement.

Learn how Blackhawk Network equipped a small team at a 225-year-old organisation to handle unprecedented demand for financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Licensed Trade Charity (LTC) is a registered charity dedicated to providing support of all kinds to anyone currently or previously working in the drinks trade, along with their dependents.

Like many non-profit and public sector organisations, LTC found themselves inundated with requests for help during the first wave of the pandemic. In a two-day period in 2020, they received more than six times the number of applications for support than they would normally receive across an entire year.

What we did

Using LTC’s specific objectives as the starting point, Blackhawk Network created a bespoke, secure and cost-effective way to get people the help they needed quickly using our digital reward platform, Select

Each applicant who met the eligibility criteria was sent a unique digital code. The recipient then used that code to redeem a digital eGift of their choice from the huge range of brands on the Select platform. This included food, clothes and other essentials.

Here’s an example of what LTC had to say about the experience:

“The team at Blackhawk Network are all really friendly, helpful and supportive. They are efficient, thorough and quick to process all of our daily orders. Having them on board has had a massive positive impact on our service and the speed with which we can help people in need” — Hilary Bone, Volunteer Manager 

The full case study will give you insight into how we:

- Made funds disbursement faster, getting food and clothing vouchers to recipients within just 24 hours

- Solved the problems that the Licensed Trade Charity had previously encountered when trying to issue gift cards 

- Offered a range of retail brands to meet the most immediate needs of furloughed staff

- Created a tailored proposition to reflect LTC’s branding and incorporated unique messaging to ensure a personal touch, despite the scale of the campaign

You’ll also:

- Read first-hand accounts from key members of the Licensed Trade Charity team as they describe the impact of the campaign and the experience of collaborating with Blackhawk Network

- See the stats demonstrating the impact of the campaign in numbers

- Build a more in-depth understanding of how you could partner with Blackhawk Network to improve the speed, scale and impact of funds disbursement at your own organisation

LTC is run by a small team with a huge remit that includes providing support in many forms, along with the goal of helping as many people as possible. As a result of working with Blackhawk Network, they’re now equipped with the scalable, digital infrastructure that matches the ambition of the organisation.

To access the full case study, just complete the short contact form to the right. We’d love to discuss how we can implement similar successes for your business. Shall we start a conversation?