The cost of living crisis: how fund disbursements can really make a difference

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that the rising cost of food, energy and household goods has pushed inflation up to 5.5% in January 2022, the highest it’s been in 30 years; and it isn't expected to slow down. Forecasters predict that the cost of living in the UK could rise even further and reach 7% by April 2022.

These increases will continue to impact everything, from the tax we pay to the money we spend on food, petrol, heating bills and more. It’s reported that some food could end up costing up to 30% more than before the pandemic.

Of course, there are measures that can help alleviate the pressure: reducing water and energy usage, buying less non-essential items, walking more. But for many households, who may already be doing those things to cut back, there’s not much more they can do to reduce their outgoings further.

Supporting those in need

At the start of the pandemic, many households' earnings fell dramatically, whether due to job losses or being unable to go to work. Thankfully, businesses, charities, people and the government stepped up to support the households that needed it the most.

During this time, we could see the pressure that non-profit organisations were under and realised there was a way our business could be useful. At Blackhawk Network we have the tools and experience to help local authorities and charitable organisations disburse funds quickly on a large scale, which is where we stepped in to help. And now, two years on, as we continue to face uncertainty with rising bills and a risk of further financial hardship, our branded payment offerings provide a solution to support communities.

Fund disbursements for everyday essentials

Being in a vulnerable situation and under financial pressure means that everyday expenses such as milk and bread – the very basics – become outgoings that require very careful planning and budgeting.

We offer a range of gift cards, including all popular grocery retailers, which are used to provide funds for vulnerable people and families who need extra support to buy their weekly shop.

Our supermarket physical gift cards and eGifts are available for:

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Aldi
  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Waitrose
  • Morrisons
  • and M&S.

Our work with local organisations

We help non-profit organisations, local councils, and other organisations provide support for their community by disbursing their funds quickly and efficiently. Our fund disbursement services are flexible and can be tailored and customised specifically for any organisation’s needs.

By offering prepaid cards and gift cards, our methods are designed to ensure the support given will be spent on items and bills that support households in the most effective way. While cash is essential, distributing value in a more controlled format, such as with a digital code, gift card or prepaid card, has been proven to be more beneficial for the recipient.

The need for help continues

During the pandemic, we helped distribute £250 million worth of emergency funds around the world, including £90 million in the UK. While we may be learning to live our lives with COVID-19 and the restrictions to control the virus are lifting, we are now facing another year of financial hardship.

The cost of living and National Insurance rises means household budgets continue to be stretched. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working together can solve any issue that arises.

Our team is here to help your team get hardship aids out to people who need it most. If you’d like our help do get in touch by filling out our contact form or calling 0203 727 2201.

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