How We Pay Report - UK 2020

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In response to our recent global survey on shopping and payment habits, we decided to break down our UK results into a localised, in-depth look at our pre and post-COVID trends as a country.

After looking at the insights of how our respondents felt before the national lockdown, we decided to investigate how the impact of COVID-19 would affect certain behaviours within our everyday lives. We went back out to survey in June, asking many of the same questions again to understand if the needle had moved. Of course, the bulk of the results were unsurprising, but it’s how we take this data and move forward to help people that matters.

Comparing and contrasting the effects of COVID-19

Our Shopping Habits

Our first section of data covers the clear trends within grocery and convenience shopping that were forming long before Coronavirus turned everything upside down.

We then look at how people are feeling about the return to retail and not only the expectation, but also the acceptance that some changes are most likely here to stay.

Our Payment Habits

Section two looks at how the perceived negative associations with cash have driven the increased use of both physical and digital gift cards during the pandemic. A key takeaway from this part of the report is how we’ve noted the accelerated use of digital wallets, and the higher usage of digital gift card products within these.

We discuss how the impact of these behaviour and habit shifts will have a knock-on effect to the upcoming retail experience that brands will need to provide in order to keep customers physically walking through the door.

Choice Breeds Loyalty

On to the world of customer reward and recognition. The study overwhelmingly backs up research that we released earlier this year in our Generational Game whitepaper: choice matters.

It was somewhat encouraging for us to see how UK consumers felt about the concept of being rewarded with gift cards. Our data proves that the addition of gifting products, either physical or digital, to any loyalty programme would be welcomed by the masses.

Recognition is Key

Our final spotlight section looks at the concept of employee rewards. The survey results speak up clearly to what many employees in the UK would like to ask for and we were pleased to see how gift card products came high up on that list.

Gift Cards are Firmly in the Future

Finally, after we’ve summarised our key learnings from the bulk of the report, we address what it is that Blackhawk Network plans to do in this post-COVID world. The answer? Embrace it - educate where we can, influence wherever possible - and further develop our products to ease the burden of the ‘new normal’ on our fellow Brits.
If you’ve been inspired by any of the topics we’ve covered in this UK localisation of How We Pay 2020, then please get in touch with our team. We’re happy to discuss how the results of our survey can impact your business and we can advise how you can best implement our solutions to aid your reward and incentive strategies.

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