Keep your brand reputation intact with minimum effort


In any kind of mass market production there are anomalies, things go wrong. It’s impossible to have 100% perfection when it comes to production lines. Hence, product recalls are an irritating fact of life. In 2018, passenger cars remained at the top of the table when it came to the sector with the highest rate of product alerts with 239 different models from 39 brands.

Product recalls can make or break a brand. Look at VW with the emissions scandal vs. the Takata airbag scandal. Get the process right, and you can reverse the effects of the recall and actually enhance your customers’ trust. But, get it wrong, and the trust can be eroded irrevocably.


If an OEM is affected by a product recall, it can be used as an opportunity for them to build trust and show that safety and customer satisfaction is the number one priority - not profit margin. But, apologising is only one small bit of the process - and arguably the easiest.  The reality of contacting potentially thousands of customers and ensuring they get the issue fixed and also receive some form of recompense is a much trickier needle to thread.

Blackhawk Network have over 25 years experience in helping brands do just that, our team have worked in 21 countries and in 16 languages helping automotive manufacturers ensure public safety whilst also protecting brand reputation and company profitability.

By working with us to handle your recall scenario, you can benefit from our best practice, honed over decades, with a scaleable management service, customisable contact solution and goodwill gesture offering.  We use our established platform to handle everything for you. We can react quickly and work in partnership to find the best solution.

We know that a lack of accurate data can be the kryptonite of any product recall. Our multichannel solution means that we can touch base with owners in any number of ways. From a standard form letter to email and even SMS you can be sure we will reach every customer whilst not impacting already stretched internal teams. Our customer-facing portal means it’s easy to update address and contact information. We also have access to a range of roadside assistance, DVLA and CRM system data, meaning we can find those customers who may be a second owner and not be aware of the issue.

So, what happens after we’ve helped you contact all your customers; how do you handle the process of providing gestures of goodwill? With Blackhawk Network, you don’t need to find another solution. We also have extensive experience of handling goodwill claims, from rail delays to customer complaints and have a plethora of completely customisable, personalised solutions for you to choose from.

Select can help you create a personalised digital eCode which can be sent direct to the customer through our online portal with limited administration from you. Each customer can receive an email or SMS addressed to them with a voucher code redeemable at over 70 high street retailers for that added extra.

If you’d like to find out more about how Blackhawk Network can help you take the stress out of those inevitable hiccups, get in touch with us today.