Rewarding your recall customers



We know that recall isn’t just about getting customers in and out of a workshop. There are emotions involved that can often lead to your customers feeling inconvenienced or dissatisfied. At Blackhawk Network, we understand that keeping your brand reputation intact is vital, and luckily, we have a range of solutions to support you.
Gestures of goodwill
In addition to our core recall service, we can implement one of our many reward products to act as either an incentive for a customer to bring in their vehicle, or as a gesture of goodwill towards a customer who has experienced any ill feeling. This is an option that many of our current clients are beginning to request, as it’s becoming more important than ever to rebuild and maintain customer trust around the product recall procedure.
Alternatively, if getting customers in isn’t the problem, it’s that they are perceiving their recall as a negative experience. We believe in converting this feeling to positivity by offering a gesture; increasing the level of customer satisfaction and brand advocacy.
Our solutions
We have a huge range of products with a variety of different mechanisms and journeys to choose from. With options across physical and digital reward, we can offer both branded and unbranded solutions to suit any need. We work with hundreds of retailers to secure individual gift card discounts, negotiate bespoke membership deals and produce our very own original content.
Our platform, Select, provides a branded online ‘portal of choice’ for customers. Here, they have the ability to choose their own reward from a pre-determined selection of up to 200 retailers, selected by you as the client.
We also offer aggregated gift cards such as One4all. Our multi-retailer gift card, where 130 big brand names come together to provide the ultimate in high-street spending. This versatile card is accepted in-store and online at over 55,000 outlets, ranging from clothing to health care; DIY to dining. Plus, with design customisation and any value between £10.00 and £400.00 available, you’re able to choose exactly how much your gestures will be.
Our expertise in recall
Blackhawk Network has over 25 years of experience in managing recall programmes for multiple clients. We pride ourselves on our exemplary service and high response times.
With 3 portals, aimed at both customers and management, we ensure the smooth running of each campaign via an established platform that enables us to securely handle customer data and produce impactful customer communications.
And now, with our new print partner fully onboarded, we’re able to produce 20,000 letters per day, sent as the first campaign touch point. These are then followed up by email reminders and SMS messages that clearly articulate what will happen during the recall period and any actions that the customer needs to take.
To find out more about how Blackhawk Network can help you implement gestures into your recall strategy today, get in touch with our team.